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Results from Aug. 26, “Dude, Where’s The Wrestle”, in North Tonawanda, NY

Saturday, August 26, 2017
St. Johnsburg Fire Hall
7165 Ward Road, North Tonawanda, NY

ESW returns to St. Johnsburg Fire Hall on Saturday October 7th. Matches to be announced!

1. “The Endorsement” Sebastian Suave defeated Anthony Gaines.
2. ESW Interstate Champion Coconut Jones defeated Gregory Iron (w/Roscoe Black).
3. Braxton Sutter defeated JT Dunn.
4. Vince Valor defeated Daniel Garcia. Post-match, The Cogar Brothers came out and attacked Garcia.
5. ESW Heavyweight Champion RJ City defeated Colin Delaney.
6. Tarik defeated Cheech.
7. ESW Tag Team Champions The Oliver Street Express Alex Daniels and Kevin Blackwood. Post-match, The Caesar came out and blamed Daniels for the loss. His group and Blackwood attacked Daniels as Blackwood joined Caesar’s new army.
8. Frankie Feathers defeated “All Ego” Ethan Page.
9. Brandon Thurston defeated Bill Collier by submission in a #1 Contenders match for the Heavyweight title. Post-match. Thurston called out Mikey Everynite. Thurston berated Everynite and the two briefly went at it, but were separated by security.
10. Kevin Bennett defeated AR Fox and Super Crazy in a triple threat match.

Results: Saturday, June 24 in North Tonawanda, NY! We’re back August 26 with Brian Cage, Super Crazy and AR Fox!


Thanks for joining us for another great event! We’re back Saturday, August 26 at St. Johnsburg Fire Hall, featuring Brian Cage, Super Crazy and AR Fox! Tickets available in a few days here on

Quick results from ESW Aftershock tonight:
1. Kevin Blackwood beat James Sayga.

2. Frankie Feathers beat Daniel Garcia.

3. Inferno Johnny Adams beat Ryan Cassidy.

4. ESW Interstate Title: Coconut Jones beat Hellcat to retain.

5. Terrell Kenneth beat Jordan Falco.

6. ESW Tag Team Title: Oliver Street Express beat Captain Nick Ando & Cloudy.

7. Brandon Thurston beat Asylum.

8. Braxton Sutter & Kevin Bennett beat Colin Delaney & Cheech.

9. Gregory Iron beat Vince Valor.

10. Alex Daniels beat Anthony Gaines.

11. ESW Heavyweight Title: RJ City beat Bill Collier to retain.

Results from ESW BrawlFest, Saturday, May 20th featuring Penta El Zero Miedo!

Saturday, May 20th, 2017
St. Johnsburg Fire Hall
7165 Ward Road – North Tonawanda, NY
Doors Open: 5:00pm | Bell Time: 6:00pm

Thanks for another great show! See you on Saturday, June 24 at St. Johnsburg Fire Hall! Quick results from BrawlFest 2017:

1. ESW Heavyweight Title: RJ City beat Bill Collier to become new champion.

2. James Sayga, Nick Marek and Wes Adams beat Mikey Everynite, Steve Gage and Terrell Kenneth.

3. Kevin Blackwood beat Dick Justice, Cloudy and Vince Valor in a four-way match.

4. Anthony Gaines beat Ryan Cassidy.

5. ESW Interstate Title: Coconut Jones beat Alex Daniels to retain.

6. Four Corner of Carnage Match: Ron Falco beat Big Cat Lemmer.

7. ESW Tag Team Title: Oliver Street Express beat Rochester Wrecking Crew, Hate Brigade and Cheech & Colin Delaney in a four-way match to retain.

8. Asylum beat Nick Ando.

9. Kevin Bennett beat Brandon Thurston.

10. Brian Christopher & Frankie Feathers beat Jerk Cockins & Caesar (w/ Superbeast)

11. Braxton Sutter beat Penta El Zero M and Michael Elgin in a triple threat match.