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Results from ESW Knight of Justice: Saturday, March 26th


Thank you for another great event!

Be there May 21 at the Kenan Center in Lockport, NY, featuring Billy Gunn, X-Pac, Michael Elgin and Dalton Castle! Tickets available on this website on Monday.

1. Cloudy beat Cheech.

2. Oliver Street Connection beat Double Down and Ryan Cassidy & Jerk Cockins in a three-way tag match.

3. Bill Collier beat Cody Deaner by count out.

4. Chris Cooper beat Space Monkey.

5. Vince Valor beat Kobe Durst.

6. Loser Leaves ESW / Bunkhouse Match: Brandon Thurston beat Dick Justice.

7. ESW Tag Team Title: Rochester Wrecking Crew beat Frankie Feathers & Jonny Puma by DQ.

8. John McChesney beat Jay Freddie.

9. Johnny Gargano beat Tyson Dux.

10. Inferno Johnny Adams beat RJ City by count out.

11. ESW Heavyweight Title: Will Calrissian beat Kevin Bennett to retain.

Results from ESW Retaliation (1/16/2016)

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Saturday, January 16, 2015
St. Johnsburg Fire Hall
North Tonawanda, NY

1. Kevin Bennett beat Chris Cooper.
2. Inferno Johnny Adams & Rochester Wrecking Crew beat Mikey Everynite, Steve Gage & Terrell Kenneth.
3. ESW Interstate Title: RJ City beat Ryot to retain.
4. Yuri Koloff beat Marek.
5. Cody Deaner beat Vince Valor.
6. ESW Tag Team Title: Frankie Feathers & Jonny Puma beat Bobby Sapphire & Roscoe Black to retain. After, Rochester Wrecking Crew attacked Feathers and Puma.
7. European Rules: Dick Justice and Brandon Thurston battled to a draw.
8. Curt Hawkins beat Bill Collier.
9. Cheech and Colin Delaney beat Randy Philbrick and Andrew Cravatta.
10. ESW Heavyweight Title: Will Calrissian beat Ron Falco to retain.


Results: ESW “WrestleBash,” Sat., Nov. 28th


Saturday, November 28th, 2015
Frontier Fire Hall – Niagara Falls, NY

1. Colin Delaney & Cheech beat The Batiri.

2. Vince Valor beat Sergei Koloff & Yuri Koloff.

3. Frankie Feathers & Jonny Puma won a tag team battle royal to become new ESW Tag Team Champions.

4. ESW Interstate Title: RJ City beat Cody Deaner to retain.

5. Johnny Gargano beat Yusuke Kodama.

6. Cloudy beat Marek.

7. James Storm beat Cloudy.

8. Ilio DiPaolo Cup: Bill Collier beat Pepper Parks, Chris Cooper, Kevin Bennett, Dick Justice and Brandon Thurston to win a shot at the ESW title any time he chooses.

9. ESW Heavyweight Title: Will Calrissian beat Inferno Johnny Adams to retain.

10. Extreme Rules: Tommy Dreamer beat Asylum.

Results from ESW “Overdrive,” Oct. 3rd, 2015

1. Ryot beat Jerk Cockins & Ryan Cassidy.

2. Four Corners of Carnage: Ron Falco beat Asylum.

3. Oliver Street Connection beat Brian Plunkett & Mr. McKinger.

4. Kevin Bennett beat Ethan Page.

5. Brandon Thurston beat Dalton Castle.

6. Chris Cooper beat Jay Freddie.

7. ESW Tag Team Title: Rochester Wrecking Crew vs. Double Down vs. Jonny Puma & Frankie Feathers vs. Hate Brigade (c) ended in a no contest.

8. Yuri Koloff beat Vince Valor.

9. Pepper Parks beat Matt Taven.

10. RJ City beat Isys Ephex.

11. ESW Heavyweight Title: Will Calrissian beat Bill Collier to retain after a fast count by referee Dave Linton.

12. Colin Delaney beat Jinder Mahal.