Results from Saturday, May 28th in Olean, NY


1. Bill Collier beat The Pope.
2. Mikey Everynite & Steve Gage beat Vince Valor & Matt Milan.
3. Hellcat beat Ryan Cassidy.
4. Kevin Bennett beat Mike Skyros.
5. Big Cat Lemmer & Tank Body beat Plunkett & Superbeast.
6. Michael McKinger beat Marek, Jerk Cockins & Andrew Cravatta in a four-way.
7. Brandon Thurston beat Nighthawk.
8. ESW Heavyweight Title: Will Calrissian beat Scotty 2 Hotty to retain.

Results from Saturday, May 21 in Lockport, NY

1. Oliver Street Express beat To Infinity and Beyond (Cheech & Colin Delaney) and The Hate Brigade (Roscoe Black & Bobby Sapphire) in a three-way tag match.
2. Brandon Thurston beat Marek.
3. ESW Tag Team Title: Rochester Wrecking Crew beat Frankie Feathers and Jonny Puma to become new champions.
4. John McChesney beat Asylum by DQ.
5. Pepper Parks beat Kevin Bennett.
6. Bill Collier beat Cody Deaner to retain the Ilio DiPaolo Cup.
7. Jonny Puma won a 10-man gauntlet to become #1 contender to the ESW Heavyweight Title.
8. ESW Interstate Title: Coconut Jones beat RJ City to become new champion.

9. Chris Hero beat Michael Elgin.
10. ESW Heavyweight Title: Will Calrissian beat Chris Cooper and Dalton Castle to retain the title.
11. Billy Gunn & X-Pac beat Cloudy & Ethan Page.

Results from ESW Knight of Justice: Saturday, March 26th


Thank you for another great event!

Be there May 21 at the Kenan Center in Lockport, NY, featuring Billy Gunn, X-Pac, Michael Elgin and Dalton Castle! Tickets available on this website on Monday.

1. Cloudy beat Cheech.

2. Oliver Street Connection beat Double Down and Ryan Cassidy & Jerk Cockins in a three-way tag match.

3. Bill Collier beat Cody Deaner by count out.

4. Chris Cooper beat Space Monkey.

5. Vince Valor beat Kobe Durst.

6. Loser Leaves ESW / Bunkhouse Match: Brandon Thurston beat Dick Justice.

7. ESW Tag Team Title: Rochester Wrecking Crew beat Frankie Feathers & Jonny Puma by DQ.

8. John McChesney beat Jay Freddie.

9. Johnny Gargano beat Tyson Dux.

10. Inferno Johnny Adams beat RJ City by count out.

11. ESW Heavyweight Title: Will Calrissian beat Kevin Bennett to retain.

Results from ESW Retaliation (1/16/2016)

SlMPbpWy.jpg large
Saturday, January 16, 2015
St. Johnsburg Fire Hall
North Tonawanda, NY

1. Kevin Bennett beat Chris Cooper.
2. Inferno Johnny Adams & Rochester Wrecking Crew beat Mikey Everynite, Steve Gage & Terrell Kenneth.
3. ESW Interstate Title: RJ City beat Ryot to retain.
4. Yuri Koloff beat Marek.
5. Cody Deaner beat Vince Valor.
6. ESW Tag Team Title: Frankie Feathers & Jonny Puma beat Bobby Sapphire & Roscoe Black to retain. After, Rochester Wrecking Crew attacked Feathers and Puma.
7. European Rules: Dick Justice and Brandon Thurston battled to a draw.
8. Curt Hawkins beat Bill Collier.
9. Cheech and Colin Delaney beat Randy Philbrick and Andrew Cravatta.
10. ESW Heavyweight Title: Will Calrissian beat Ron Falco to retain.