Results: ESW “WrestleBash,” Sat., Nov. 28th


Saturday, November 28th, 2015
Frontier Fire Hall – Niagara Falls, NY

1. Colin Delaney & Cheech beat The Batiri.

2. Vince Valor beat Sergei Koloff & Yuri Koloff.

3. Frankie Feathers & Jonny Puma won a tag team battle royal to become new ESW Tag Team Champions.

4. ESW Interstate Title: RJ City beat Cody Deaner to retain.

5. Johnny Gargano beat Yusuke Kodama.

6. Cloudy beat Marek.

7. James Storm beat Cloudy.

8. Ilio DiPaolo Cup: Bill Collier beat Pepper Parks, Chris Cooper, Kevin Bennett, Dick Justice and Brandon Thurston to win a shot at the ESW title any time he chooses.

9. ESW Heavyweight Title: Will Calrissian beat Inferno Johnny Adams to retain.

10. Extreme Rules: Tommy Dreamer beat Asylum.

Results from ESW “Overdrive,” Oct. 3rd, 2015

1. Ryot beat Jerk Cockins & Ryan Cassidy.

2. Four Corners of Carnage: Ron Falco beat Asylum.

3. Oliver Street Connection beat Brian Plunkett & Mr. McKinger.

4. Kevin Bennett beat Ethan Page.

5. Brandon Thurston beat Dalton Castle.

6. Chris Cooper beat Jay Freddie.

7. ESW Tag Team Title: Rochester Wrecking Crew vs. Double Down vs. Jonny Puma & Frankie Feathers vs. Hate Brigade (c) ended in a no contest.

8. Yuri Koloff beat Vince Valor.

9. Pepper Parks beat Matt Taven.

10. RJ City beat Isys Ephex.

11. ESW Heavyweight Title: Will Calrissian beat Bill Collier to retain after a fast count by referee Dave Linton.

12. Colin Delaney beat Jinder Mahal.

Results: “Meltdown,” Saturday, Aug. 22nd in North Tonawanda, NY

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015
St. Johnsburg Fire Hall
7165 Ward Road, North Tonawanda, NY
1. Ryot beat Cloudy.
2. Oliver Street Connection beat the Altar Boys of the Church of the Cleansing.
3. ESW Interstate Title Match: RJ City beat Candice LeRae to retain.
4. Jonny Puma, Frankie Feathers & Inferno Johnny Adams beat Salvatore Morocco, James Santel & Superbeast.
5. Chris Cooper beat Vince Valor.
6. Johnny Gargano beat Will Calrissian after the referee stopped the match due to injury.
7. Dick Justice beat Brandon Thurston by DQ.
8. Roscoe Black beat Brian Plunkett.
9. Rich Swann beat “Omega” Aaron Draven.
10. Yuri Koloff defeated Jerk Cockins & Ryan Winger in a handicap match.
11. ESW Heavyweight Title Match: Will Calrissian cashed-in his Ilio DiPaolo Cup during Chris Hero vs. Bill Collier to pin Collier and become new champion.

Results from ESW Aftershock: Saturday, June 20 in North Tonawanda, NY

Thank you for another great night of wrestling. Comeback to St. Johnsburg Fire Company, Inc., Saturday, Aug. 22! Online ticket sales start Monday night.

1. Frankie Feathers & Jonny Puma beat Double Down.

2. Vince Valor beat Jett Rebel.

3. Asylum attacked Ron Falco from behind before a match that never started.

4. Candice LeRae beat Cloudy.

5. Terrell Kenneth, Mikey Everynite and Steve Gage beat Oliver Street Connection & Plunkett.

6. Ryot beat Will Calrissian.

7. Chris Hero beat Brandon Thurston.

8. RJ City & Hate Brigade beat Kevin Bennett & Rochester Wrecking Crew.

9. Inferno Johnny Adams beat Yuri Koloff.

10. ESW Heavyweight Title: Bill Collier beat Gabreal Saint to retain.
-Afterward Collier and Chris Hero agreed to a title match, Aug. 22.

11. Johnny Gargano beat Tommaso Ciampa.