Results from ESW Sky Is The Limit: March 30 in North Tonawanda, NY

Thanks for joining us and selling out St. Johnsburg Fire Hall!

1. Vinnie Moon beat Sebastian Suave.

2. Atticus Cogar beat Gavin Glass.

3. ESW Interstate Title: Frankie Feathers beat Captain Nick Ando to retain.

4. ESW Tag Team Champions James Sayga & Vince Valor beat The Landlord & Jerk Cockins.

5. Maxwell Jacob Friedman beat Puf.

6. Street Fight: Kevin Bennett beat Pepper Parks.

7. Anthony Gaines beat Will Calrissian by DQ when Chris Cooper returned and attacked Gaines.

8. Andrew Cravatta beat Randy Philbrick.

9. ESW Heavyweight Title: Brandon Thurston beat Bill Collier to retain.

10. Lucha Bros. (Pentagon Jr. & Fenix) beat To Infinity and Beyond (Colin Delaney & Cheech).

Results from ESW Empire State of Mind: February 23 in Fairport, NY

Saturday, February 23, 2019
Village Sports
2830 Baird Rd, Fairport, NY

1. Dewey beat Bones.

2. Kate Carney beat Katie Arquette.

3. James Sayga, Vince Valor, Frankie Feathers & Mr. Brickster (w/ Big Cat Lemmer) beat Slade, Jerk Cockins, Leroy Green & TJ Crawford (w/ Vinnie Paulino)

4. Captain Nick Ando beat Omega Aaron Draven.

5. The Butcher and the Blade (Pepper Parks & Andy Williams) beat Anthony Gaines & Bill Collier.

6. Rob Sweet beat Cloudy.

7. To Infinity and Beyond (Colin Delaney & Cheech) beat Private Party.

8. Eric Emanon beat Leo St. Giovanni and Gavin Glass in a triple threat match.

9. ESW Heavyweight Title: Brandon Thurston beat John McChesney to retain.

Results from ESW “A Night at the Johnsburg”: Saturday, January 19; featuring Lisa Marie vs. Allie!

Saturday, January 19, 2018
St. Johnsburg Fire Hall

Thank you for braving a snow storm to support us for our first event of 2019!

1. Roscoe Black beat Sebastian Braun.

2. Terrell Kenneth beat Dakoda Orion.

3. Frankie Feathers, Kate Carney and Kenny Brown beat Captain Nick Ando, Cloudy and Jerk Cockins.

4. Randy Philbrick beat Andrew Cravatta.

5. Bill Collier beat Vinnie Moon and Sebastian Suave in a handicap match.

6. ESW Tag Team Title: Vince Valor & James Sayga beat Handcrafted (RJ City & Gregory Iron) to retain.

7. Anthony Gaines beat Tarik.

8. ESW Heavyweight Title: Brandon Thurston beat Pepper Parks to become new champion.

9. Allie beat Lisa Marie (fka Victoria).

Results from ESW WrestleBash: Saturday, November 24, 2018

Saturday, November 24, 2018
Frontier Volunteer Fire Company
2176 Liberty Drive, Niagara Falls, NY

Thank you for the tremendous turn out! We’ll see you back at St. Johnsburg Fire Hall on January 19 featuring Lisa Marie (fka Victoria) vs. Allie! Tickets available within a few days at

1. Slade beat Jerk Cockins and Bones in a triple threat match.

2. Dakoda Orion beat Gavin Glass.

3. Kongo Kong beat Vinnie Moon & Sebastian Suave in a handicap match.

4. Kenny Dykstra won the Last Chance Battle Royal for the 6th spot in the DiPaolo Cup Match. Other participants: Kevin Bennett, Cloudy, Randy Philbrick, Andrew Cravatta, Kate Carney, Mike Skyros, Atticus Cogar, Cheech and Tarik.

5. Bill Collier beat Terrell Kenneth.

6. RJ City, Gregory Iron & Roscoe Black beat Santa Puf (Puf), Santa Cop (Dick Justice) and Santa Monkey (Space Monkey).

7. Mr. Brickster beat Captain Nick Ando.

8. ESW Tag Team Title: Unstoppable and Invincible (James Sayga & Vince Valor) beat Private Party (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen) to retain.

9. ESW Interstate Title: Frankie Feathers beat Colin Delaney to win the vacant title.

10. ESW Heavyweight Title: Pepper Parks beat Rickey Shane Page to retain.

11. Ilio DiPaolo Cup Match: Brandon Thurston beat Daniel Garcia, Kevin Blackwood, Rhett Titus, Sean Carr and Kenny Dykstra to earn the right to an ESW title match at any time.