Results from ESW “BRAWLFEST 2021”; JULY 31 in BUFFALO, NY

Saturday, July 31, 2021
Buffalo Riverworks
359 Ganson Street
Buffalo, NY

1. Brandon Thurston defeated Nick Ando.

2. ESW Interstate Champion Frankie Feathers defeated Jerk Cockins, Keenan Moore & Jeremiah Richter.

3. Kevin Bennett defeated Facade.

4. Vinnie Moon defeated James Sayga.

5. Bill Collier defeated Jay Freddie.

6. Cloudy defeated Tre’ LaMar.

7. Vince Valor defeated Sean Carr.

8. Anthony Gaines vs Gavin Glass was ruled a no-contest after Kevin Bennett & Roscoe interfered

9. To Infinity & Beyond defeated InZanely Rude.


Saturday, February 22, 2020
Village Sports
Rochester, NY

1. Brandon Thurston defeated Cloudy

2. Nick Sullivan defeated Vinnie Moon

3. Rob Sweet & Dewey Murray defeated Matt Rattcliff & Jeremiah Richter

4. Kevin Bennett defeated Coconut Jones

5. ESW Interstate Title: Frankie Feathers defeated Jerk Cockins, Gavin Glass, and Vince Valor

6. To Infinity & Beyond defeated Bear Country

7. Anthony Gaines defeated TJ Crawford

8. Orange Cassidy defeated Nick Ando

Results from ESW “Shipwrecked on Grando Island”; January 25 in Grand Island, NY

Saturday, January 25, 2020
Radisson Hotel
1000 Whitehaven Road
Grand Island, NY

1. Kevin Blackwood defeated Brandon Thurston.

2. Vince Valor & James Sayga defeated Matt Rattcliff & Jeremiah Richter.

3. Atticus Cogar defeated Space Monkey.

4. Frankie Feathers defeated Rosoce.

5. Bill Collier defeated Ethan Page.

6. Jerk Cockins defeated Cloudy and Dakoda Orion.

7. Gregory Iron & RJ City defeated Anthony Gaines & Kevin Bennett.

8. Danhausen defeated Nick Ando

9. Daniel Garcia defeated Sean Carr.

Results from ESW Wrestlebash: Saturday, November 23 in Lockport, NY!

Saturday, November 23, 2019
Kenan Center Arena
195 Beattie Ave, Lockport, NY

*Kevin Blackwood won the Last Chance Battle Royal to secure the final spot in the Ilio DiPaolo Cup match

*Handcrafted retained the ESW Tag Team Championships against High Seas

*Frankie Feathers retained the ESW Interstate Championship against Gavin Glass. After the match, Roscoe Black stole the Interstate Championship

*Kate Carney defeated Beautiful Beaa

*The Butcher & The Blade defeated Homicide & Eddie Kingston

*Kevin Blackwood won the 7th annual Ilio DiPaolo Cup match over Brandon Thurston, Atticus Cogar, Puf, Bill Collier and AR Fox

*Daniel Garcia retained the ESW Heavyweight Championship against Josh Briggs

*Jerk Cockins confronted D-Von Dudley but ended up going through a table at the hands of Colin Delaney and Cheech

*Anthony Gaines, Kevin Bennett, Vince Valor & James Sayga defeated The Empire in a War Games cage match