ESW January 11th, 2003
American Legion Post in Sanborn, NY

1. Ryan Hazard* defeated Greg Karma via DQ.

2. Singapore Cane Match: Marc Mandrake defeated TSK.

3. JP Hawke defeated Chris Cooper.

4. “Coverboy” Cade Cassidy, Shade & “Blade” Lance Steel defeated
“Limit Breaker” Randy Walker, Tommy Caliber, & Crazy Cris Cavana.

5. ESW Hardcore Title Match: Mastiff (c) defeated Danny Magic to retain the title.

6. “Lone Wolf” Scott Davidson defeated “Sidewinder” Brad Scott.

7. Ice defeated El Lucho Grande.

8. ESW Heavyweight Title Match: Jonny Puma defeated “Sadistic” Steve Davidson (c) to become new champion.

ESW March 22nd, 2003
St. Johnsburg Fire Hall in Wheatfield, NY

1. Chris Cooper defeated Ryan Hazard.

2. ESW Tag Team Title Match: Scott & Steve Davidson defeated “Coverboy” Cade Cassidy & Shade (c) to become new champions.

3. JP Hawke and TSK went to a double count-out.

4. ESW Hardcore Title / Three-Way Match: Marc Mandrake defeated Mastiff (c) & “Limit Breaker” Randy Walker when he pinned Mastiff after the Lights Out to become new champion.

5. “Blade” Lance Steel defeated Tommy Caliber.

6. Danny Magic & Greg Karma defeated El Lucho Grande & Ed.

7. ESW Heavyweight Title Match: Jonny Puma (c) defeated Crazy Cris Cavana to retain the title.

ESW May-hem
May 3rd, 2003 from St. Johnsburg Fire Hall in Wheatfield, NY

1. ESW Interstate Title Tournament / First Round: Tommy Caliber defeated Sakura.

2. ESW Interstate Title Tournament / First Round: “Coverboy” Cade Cassidy defeated Shade.

3. Four-Way Match For Vacant ESW Tag Team Title: Danny Magic & Greg Karma defeated The Sons of Thunder*, TSK & Omen* and JP Hawke & “Guardian” Damien Alexander* to become new champions.

4. “Blade” Lance Steel defeated Benjamin Smith (Smythe).

5. “Limit Breaker” Randy Walker defeated Flatline.

6. 2/3 Falls Match: Mastiff defeated Chris Cooper, 2 falls to 1.

7. ESW Interstate Title Tournament / Final Match: Tommy Caliber defeated “Coverboy” Cade Cassidy to become new champion.

8. ESW Heavyweight Title Match: Jonny Puma (c) defeated Crazy Cris Cavana.

ESW Unsanctioned
June 21, 2003 from St. Johnsburg Fire Hall in Wheatfield, NY

1. “Limit Breaker” Randy Walker defeated Flatline via DQ.

2. Chris Cooper defeated Sakura.

3. The Sons of Thunder (Deacon & Bishop) defeated JP Hawke & “Gaurdian” Damien Alexander.
-The Sons of Thunder earned number-one contendership for the ESW Tag Team Title.

4. ESW Interstate Title Match: Tommy Caliber (c) defeated TSK to retain the title.

5. ESW Hardcore Title Match: Marc Mandrake (c) defeated “Nightmare” Dre Gibson to retain the title.
-Before the match started, Mandrake’s manager, Dan Murphy came to the ring and said Mandrake would not be able to wrestle because of the attack at the hands of Dre Gibson at Mayhem. Mandrake then made his entrance, tearing off his neck brace.

6. Casket Match: Shade defeated “Coverboy” Cade Cassidy.

7. Crazy Cris Cavana defeated “Blade” Lance Steel.
-It was in this match that the ESW fans dubbed Dan Murphy (who was managing Cavana) as “Sweater Guy.”

8. ESW Heavyweight Title: Mastiff defeated Jonny Puma (c) via DQ for Puma to retain the title.
-Ice jumped in the ring and attacked Mastiff as Puma was in the sharpshooter to cause the disqualification. Crazy Cris Cavana ran down to help Mastiff, but was out-numbered by Puma and Ice. Lance Steel then came to the ring to help Puma and Ice, but turned on them, chasing them to the back.

ESW Red, White & Bruised
July 19th, 2003 from outside the American Legion Post in Sanborn, NY

1. TSK defeated Ryan Hazard with the Greetings from Gratwick Park.

2. JP Hawke & “Guardian” Damien Alexander defeated “Nightmare” Dre Gibson & Omen when Hawke pinned Omen after the Blue Thunder Driver.
-JP Hawke & Damien Alexander earned number-one contendership for the ESW Tag Team Title.

3. ESW Interstate Title / Four-Way Match: Tommy Caliber (c) defeated “Coverboy” Cade Cassidy, Sakura, & “Limit Breaker” Randy Walker to retain the title.
-Wrestlers could be eliminated either by pinfall, submission or being throw over the top-rope.
-Cassidy eliminated Sakura by throwing him over the top-rope.
-Walker eliminated Cassidy after a superkick.
-Caliber eliminated Walker after the Code Red.

4. ESW Hardcore Title Match: Marc Mandrake (c) defeated Flatline after the Lights Out to retain the title.

5. ESW Tag Team Title Match: Danny Magic & Greg Karma (c) defeated The Sons of Thunder (Deacon & Bishop) to retain the title.

6. Shade defeated Grappler X by pinfall after using the mandible claw.

7. Mastiff, “Blade” Lance Steel, & Crazy Cris Cavana defeated Jonny Puma, Ice, & Chris Cooper when Mastiff pinned Puma after the diving headbutt.
-After the match, Mastiff challenged ESW Heavyweight Champion Puma to a Tables, Ladders & Chairs match.

ESW Meltdown
August 9th, 2003 from Prince of Peace School in Niagara Falls, NY

1. $300 Prize Battle Royal: “Limit Breaker” Randy Walker defeated Bishop, Deacon, “Nightmare” Dre Gibson, Crazy Cris Cavana, El Lucho Grande, Benjamin Smythe, Omen, Rodan, & Grappler X

2. TSK defeated Shade via DQ after using mist.

3. ESW Tag Team Title Match: JP Hawke & “Gaurdian” Damien Alexander defeated Danny Magic & Greg Karma (c) when Alexander pinned Magic after two shoulderbreakers to become new champions.
-After the match, Hawke & Alexander put a Spongebob Square Pants t-shirt on Magic. Magic and Karma’s manager, Chris Halen later said he wouldn’t manage them anymore, so Karma attacked him.

4. Sakura defeated “Coverboy” Cade Cassidy after a top-rope Michinoku Driver.

5. ESW Hardcore Title: Marc Mandrake (c) defeated Benjamin Smythe after the Lights Out to retain the title.
-Mandrake quickly pinned Smythe, but then decided to make the match two-out-of-three falls and beat Smythe again.

6. ESW Interstate Title Match: Chris Cooper defeated Tommy Caliber (c) with the ankle lock to become new champion.
-While the referee tried to get Cooper to break the hold, Benjamin Smythe hit Caliber in the head with the belt, knocking him out.

7. “Blade” Lance Steel defeated Ice with the Fatal Slash.

8. ESW Heavyweight Title / Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match: Jonny Puma (c) defeated Mastiff to retain the title.
-Due to the stipulations of the match, Marc Mandrake was designated as special referee outside the ring for the match.

ESW Free Exhibition Show
August 16th, 2003 from Always-A-Party Parking Lot in Niagara Falls, NY

1. Benjamin Smythe defeated Jamin (J-Man) after the Cooper Scooper.

2. Randy Walker defeated TSK via DQ.

3. ESW Tag Team Title Match: JP Hawke & Damien Alexander (c) defeated Grappler X & Purple Rain* to retain the title.

4. ESW Hardcore Title Match: Marc Mandrake (c) defeated Greg Karma to retain the title.
-After the match, Flatline stole the Hardcore Title chair from Mandrake.

5. ESW Interstate Title Match: Chris Cooper (c) defeated Cade Cassidy to retain the title.

6. “Nightmare” Dre Gibson beat Danny Magic after the Death Valley Driver.

7. Mastiff defeated Tommy Caliber after the Crude Awakening.
-This was Tommy Caliber’s farewell match.

8. “Blade” Lance Steel won a battle royal to earn number-one contendership for the ESW Heavyweight Title.

ESW Fallout
September 6th, 2003 from the Eldredge Bicycle Club in Tonawanda, NY

-The night started out with Captain Dan trying to get the silent Shade to talk, as Shade took the mic and was about to speak. The arrogant Jonny Puma’s music hit. He came out and told everyone he starts the show, this is his show, and then bullied Shade until “The Blade” Lance Steel’s music hit. Blade told Puma not to worry about Shade, that he was the #1 contender and he should focus on him. Puma tried to tell Blade he didn’t need to defend his title tonight, because the crowd wasn’t big enough. But Blade had a little surprise for the ESW Champion, and that was a new commissioner: Sweater Guy! “Sweater Guy” Dan Murphy told Puma he would defend his title tonight. Puma had no choice but to do it against the Blade.

1. Jamin vs. “Coverboy” Cade Cassidy
This was Jamin’s debut. He put up a hard fight against Cade, but in the end, Jamin made too many rookie mistakes. He suffered a low blow, a superkick, then a Coverboy Clash to get pinned by Cade.

Winner: Cade Cassidy (Pinfall)

2. Dre Gibson vs. Mastiff
Dre showed who had the size and power throughout the whole match, giving brutal clotheslines, crossfaces, and powerbombs. Mastiff turned the match over with wrestling skill and took the win with a diving headbutt.

Winner: Mastiff (Pinfall)

3. Hardcore Six-Man Tag: J.P. Hawke, Damien Alexander and Randy Walker vs. The Sons of Thunder and Omen
This match went all over the building and to the outside, vicious chairshots were handed out. People were put through tables including Damien giving a splash from the top rope to the outside through a table! Damien also went up to the balcony and planted one of the sons through a table. The match ended when Randy Walker hit the MOAB on Omen for a three count.

Winner: J.P. Hawke, Damien Alexander and Randy Walker (Pinfall)

-Hanging with Mr. Cooper
Chris Cooper decided that he would decide his own opponent with a lottery. He did so and randomly picked Ryan Hazard. Cooper then had a surprise for his only member of Team Cooper and that was a surprise opponent for Benjamin Smythe.

4. El Lucho Grande vs. Benjamin Smythe
This was one of the quickest matches in ESW history as Lucho hit his very first move in ESW history maybe his career, after the move he was confused on what to do next. Lucho started running the ropes. El Lucho just kept running the ropes for no apparent reason. He eventually got tired and got the Cooper Scoop from Benjamin for a three count.

Winner: Benjamin Smythe (Pinfall)

5. ESW Hardcore Title Match
Flatline vs. Marc Mandrake (c)
This was one of the most brutal in ESW history as Flatline and Mandrake battled back and forth, slamming each other through tables. Flatline jumped off a 20ft scoreboard with a swanton. In the end Marc Mandrake came out on top with the lights out (Angle Slam). Mandrake’s celebration was cut short when TSK came out from the crowd and hammered Mandrake with a metal sign, only to get challenged by the Hardcore Champ.

Winner: Marc Mandrake (Pinfall)

6. ESW Interstate Title Match
Ryan Hazard vs. Chris Cooper (c)
Hazard showed a new found fury as he took the advantage against the Interstate Champ. Hazard hit a Flying Crossbody from the top rope and went to finish off the ESW Interstate Champ. But Cooper reversed it into the Flashover for a three count. After the match Benjamin Smythe and Chris Cooper kept beating on Hazard. Eventually Cade Cassidy ran down to tell Cooper to stop. Cooper then hammered Cassidy with a right hand. Cassidy grabbed the title belt and hit both Ben and Cooper with it. Cassidy challenged Cooper for the Interstate Title at Hardcore Halloween.

Winner: Chris Cooper (Pinfall)

7. Danny Magic vs. Sakura
Before the match started, Magic challenged Sakura to make this a mask match, so if Sakura lost, he would have to take off his mask. Whether or Sakura understood the challenge, he accepted. Magic and Sakura went back and forth with Sakura giving Magic a shining wizard to the back of the head. Magic got so mad he went outside to get something of his own: powder. Magic tried blinding him with the powder but missed. Sakura hit the Falcon Arrow for the finish and kept his mask.

Winner: Sakura (Pinfall)

8. ESW Heavyweight Title Match
Lance Steel vs. Jonny Puma (c)
Blade dominated Puma for most of the match with pure size and brute power. Blade hit a second rope fallaway slam. Puma then took the advantage with a series of quick flashy moves. The referee got knocked down and Ice came in to help Puma finish the job with a double suplex. But then Shade came out from underneath the ring. He getting revenge from earlier in the night, he misted Ice. Shade then picked up a chair and went to hit Puma, but Puma ducked and Shade nailed Blade. Puma picked up Blade for the Jonny on the Spot and got the three count as the referee regained consciousness. After the match ESW commissioner “Sweater Guy” Dan Murphy came out and announced there would be a three-way match at Hardcore Halloween for the ESW Heavyweight Title, between Blade, Shade and Puma.

Winner: Jonny Puma (Pinfall)

ESW Hardcore Halloween
October 4th, 2003 from St. Johnsburg Fire Hall in Wheatfield, NY

-Chris Cooper’s “Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper” openedthe show. “Sweater Guy” Dan Muphy was his guest. Murphy announced Cooper’s Interstate Title defense against Cade Cassidy would be a Belt at the Bar match. He also announced that “The Blade” Lance Steel was injured and the main event (scheduled to be a three-way between Steel, Jonny Puma and Shade) would now be Puma defending the ESW Heavyweight Title against Shade in a singles match.

1. Mastiff beat Omen after the Crude Awakening.

2. ESW Tag Team Title: J.P. Hawke & Damien Alexander (c) beat Purple Rain & Grappler X to retain the title.
-Following the match, J-Man (formerly Jamin) and R-Haz (formerly Ryan Hazard) attacked J.P. Hawke and Damien Alexander, proclaiming they would be the next ESW Tag Team Champions.

3. Flatline beat Danny Magic after a flying somersault senton.

4. “Nightmare” Dre Gibson beat El Lucho Grande after the Death Valley Driver.

-Jonny Puma did an interview with led to Puma and his bodyguard Ice attacking Puma’s scheduled challnger, Shade, making it so Puma would have no opponent to defend his title against. However, Commissioner “Sweater Guy” Dan Murphy promised that he would still have an opponent for Puma at the end of the night.

5. ESW Hardcore Title: TSK beat Marc Mandrake after the 10-4-2K to become new champion.

6. ESW Interstate Title / Belt at the Bar Match: Chris Cooper beat Cade Cassidy by bringing the belt back to the ring.
-Cassidy was attacked by a masked fan, who revealed himself to be Benjamin Smythe. Smythe was previously banned from ringside for the match by Commissioner Murphy.

7. Sakura beat Benjamin Smythe after the Michinoku Driver.

8. ESW Heavyweight Title: Mastiff beat Jonny Puma (c) after the Crude Awakening to become new champion.
-Mastiff was introduced as Puma’s impromptu challenger.
-After finally beating Puma, member of the ESW roster celebrated with Mastiff in the ring.


ESW Season’s Beatings
December 6th, 2003 from St. Johnsburg Fire Hall in Wheatfield, NY

-ESW Commissioner “Sweater Guy” Dan Murphy started out the show, introducing the new ESW Heavyweight Champion, Mastiff. As Mastiff thanked the fans and talked about his new title reign, he was interrupted by the former champion, Jonny Puma. Puma demanded a rematch for the title. Murphy offered to give him a rematch if he and Ice could beat Mastiff and Shade in their match event match later that night. Puma and Mastiff then had a war of words, which lead to a brawl breaking, with Shade running in to help chase away Puma and Ice.

1. ESW Tag Team Titles: New City Thugs (J-Man & R-Haz) beat Damien Alexander & J.P. Hawke (c) when J-Man pinned Hawke to become new champions.
-While the referee was distracted, J-Man came in with a radio and destroyed it over J.P. Hawke’s head. Quickly after that, J-Man got the cover. However, the ending was controversial as J-Man was no longer pinning Hawke, but the referee continued to count three.

2. Omen beat El Lucho Grande by countout.
-After the match, Omen drove El Lucho into a chair. Omen left, dragging El Lucho to the back by the throat by one of his streamers.

3. Benjamin Smythe beat Cade Cassidy.
-In a major upset, Smythe beat Cassidy after his was momentarily distracted by Smythe’s mentor, Chris Cooper. This allowed Smythe enough time to setup for the Smythanasia, leading to the pinfall.

-Yet again, Chris Cooper hosted Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper. His guest this time was a newcomer to ESW, manager Clayton T. McAllister. McAllister introduced himself and proceeded to verbally assault the crowd. He introduced his first client in ESW, “Nightmare” Dre Gibson. McAllister explained that he would hold a tug-o-war to exhibit Gibson’s enormous strength. With Gibson on one end of the rope, against three others (referee, security guard and a fan), “The Nightmare” easily won the tug-o-war. Gibson proceeded to beat on ESW’s security guard, Scotty Roberts before leaving with McAllister.

4. ESW Hardcore Title: TSK (c) beat Purple Rain to retain the title.
-TSK came to the match with a new look. Entering to the Imperial Deathmarch, he was introduced as the Emperor of Extreme, wearing a crown and robe and accompanied by his jester, Edgar. Purple Rain was accompanied by Grappler X, who was acting as a manager as this occasion, with “Manager X” on the back of his coat. TSK easily won after the Greetings from Gratwick Park to retain the title.

5. ESW Interstate Title: Chris Cooper (c) beat “Blade” Lance Steel to retain the title.
-Cooper tried to beat Steel with his technical skills, targeting Steel’s injured foot that kept him out of Hardcore Halloween. It look as though Cooper’s title reign was in serious jeopardy when the referee was knocked down as Steel lifted Cooper up for the Fatal Slash powerbomb. This allowed Benjamin Smythe and Cooper to get two chairs, bashing Steel in the head, both at the same time. Smythe helped the referee up and Cooper took the pinfall.

6. Danny Magic beat Sakura.
-Magic was again looking to come out on the losing end to Sakura until the referee got too close to the action and was barrelled over. With no referee to disqualify him, Magic grabbed his magic wand, hitting Sakura over the head with it and following with the Hat Trick for the win. Sakura, frustrated with the result of the match, refused to leave the ring. All three referees tried to convince him to come to the back, but Sakura pushed them away. “Sweater Guy” Dan Murphy then came out and tried to get him to leave. Then, suddenly Sakura snapped and nailed Murphy. He beat him in the corner and drilled ESW’s commissioner to the mat with a Michinoku driver.

7. Shade & Mastiff beat Ice & Jonny Puma when Shade pinned Ice.
-Ice and Puma dominated Shade early in the match, even refusing to pin him, instead choosing to inflict more pain on him. This eventually caught up with them when Shade finally made the tag to Mastiff. Ice went for a spear on Mastiff. As Puma went to attack Mastiff from behind, Mastiff moved, causing Ice to hit a devestating spear on Puma. As Ice checked on Puma, Mastiff caught Ice off-guard, hit the Crude Awakening. He tagged in Shade, who hit the moonsault and got the pinfall on Ice. Since Shade and Mastiff won, Puma will not get a rematch with Mastiff. Instead, his scheduled challenger for Revolution on January 24th will be Danny Magic.