ESW Revolution
January 24th, 2004 from St. Johnsburg Fire Hall in Wheatfield, NY

-ESW Commissioner Dan Murphy opened the show, talking about the several television cameras present as ESW events will now be taped by both Wrestlevision and Wrestleblast TV. After running down the card, he introduced the ESW Heavyweight Title challenger for the night, Danny Magic. Magic, the most hated wrestler in Western New York, antagonized the crowd and said he would win the ESW title tonight.

1. ESW Tag Team Title: New City Thugs (J-Man & R-Haz) (c) beat J.P. Hawke & Damien Alexander by disqualification to retain the title.
-J-Man got the microphone before the match started, in which he took the time to brutally insult the stench of the audience.
-Damien Alexander and J.P. Hawke were disqualified when Alexander gave senior official Christopher Burns a belly-to-belly suplex after Burns was distracted when Hawke tagged to Alexander. Alexander proceeded to destroy everyone in sight even after the bell rang.

2. ESW Hardcore Title: TSK (w/ Edgar) (c) beat Grappler X after the mailbox bomb to retain the title.
-Following TSK’s victory, the lights went out and Omen suddenly appeared. Omen, with new music and a different look, attacked ESW Hardcore Champion TSK with a crowbar.

3. Damien Alexander beat Ice after the Cardinal Sin.
-Jonny Puma, with his bodyguard Ice came out for an interview. Puma mentioned how at Season’s Beatings, Ice accidentally speared Puma. There was some noticeable tension when Puma said, “Hey, I didn’t hire you for your brains, big guy.” Puma then put out an open challenge for Ice, who was not preparing for a match. Damien Alexander, still visably angry from the incident in the opening match, came through the curtain to accept the challenge and defeat Ice in a battle of powerhouses.

4. El Lucho Grande vs. Purple Rain ended in a no contest.
-Very early in the match, Sakura ran out (sporting a new mask and new attire) and viciously plowed through Purple Rain and El Lucho Grande, giving Purple Rain a superplex. Clayton T. McAllister saw this as an opportunity to gain a new client and made his entrance. Although Sakura at first also seemed hostile to McAllister, it looks like Sakura has become his second client (along with Dre Gibson) in ESW. And before Sakura left, he drilled El Lucho’s head into the mat with a frightening variation of a brainbuster reportedly called the Akuma Driver.

5. Cade Cassidy & “The Blade” Lance Steel beat Benjamin Smythe & Chris Cooper when Cassidy pinned Smythe after a frog splash.
-This match saw two former challengers to Chris Cooper’s ESW Interstate Title get at least some revenge after they were both cheated out of possible victories over Cooper.

6. Casket Match: Shade beat Jonny Puma.
-The stipulation in this match, Puma being so confident he would defeat Shade, was that Shade could pick a style of match of his choice. Shade came out, perched on a casket and it was clear Shade would once again be involved in a casket match. When it appeared Puma had the match won, Puma’s bodyguard Ice came to the ring and shockingly gave Puma the Frostbite. This left Shade to roll Puma into the casket for the huge upset win.

7. “The Nightmare” Dre Gibson (w/ Clayton T. McAllister) beat Crazy Cris Cavana after the Death Valley Driver.
-In this bitter grudge match, Gibson attacked the same leg of Crazy Cris Cavana that he fractured six months ago. It was also a battle of two very powerful men, with “The Nightmare” winning out.

8. ESW Heavyweight Title: Mastiff (c) beat Danny Magic after the Crude Awakening to retain the title.
-Mastiff once again proved why he is Empire State Wrestling’s Heavyweight Champion. Danny Magic however, proved himself more in this match than any match previously in his career. Magic came close on multiple occasions to defeating Mastiff, including with the a new move he debuted called the Anarchy Slam. But the night again ended with Mastiff’s Crude Awakening and the ESW Heavyweight Title staying around his waist. Magic even seemingly admitted defeated, that Mastiff was the better man as he reluctantly extended and shook the hand of the champion.

ESW Reckoning Day
February 15th, 2004 from Eldredge Bicycle Club in Tonawanda, NY

1. Sakura won a 15-man battle royal to earn a shot at the ESW Heavyweight Title in the main event against Mastiff.

2. ESW Tag Team Title: New City Thugs (J-Man & R-Haz) beat Purple Rain & Grappler X when R-Haz pinned Grappler X after a flying somersault senton to retain the title.
-After the match, Crazy Cris Cavana and “The Blade” Lance Steel ran in as the New City Thugs were attacking Purple Rain & Grappler X.

3. ESW Hardcore Title: TSK beat Omen after a crucifix powerbomb through a door to retain the title.

4. Neo-Spirit Pro Wrestling Exhibition: Derek Wylde beat Cody Steele after the Inside-Out Bomb.
-Wylde and Steele had a tremendous back and forth match. Any fan who was not in attendance truly missed out.

-At intermission, Dan Murphy came to the ring. He explained that the show was being held to raise money for Priscilla Penque, a 14 year old girl with a rare form of spinal cancer.

5. ESW Interstate Title: Shade beat Chris Cooper with the mandible claw-to-STO to win the title.
-Cooper’s six-and-a-half-month reign as ESW Interstate Champion comes to an end.

6. Cade Cassidy & Randy Walker vs. Ice & Jonny Puma ended in a no contest.
-It was originally announced mid-way through the card that a match between Jonny Puma and Ice had been booked for later in the night. When the match took place, Ice and Puma embraced, which brought out Cade Cassidy. Cassidy introduced a returning Randy Walker for a tag match. When the bell rang, Walker attacked Cassidy, followed by Puma, Ice and Walker laying out everyone in sight and posing.

7. ESW Heavyweight Title: Mastiff beat Sakura after a rolling reverse cradle to retain the title.
-Following the match, Sakura shook hands with Mastiff, only to attack him. Mastiff took the microphone and swore he would face Sakura again at any time.

ESW Full Throttle
March 20th, 2004 from Eldredge Bicycle Club in Tonawanda, NY

1. ESW Tag Team Title: Purple Rain & Grappler X beat the New City Thugs (J-Man & R-Haz) when Purple Rain pinned R-Haz to become new champions.
-As J-Man went for a flying elbow on Grappler X and R-Haz went for a flying somersault senton on Purple Rain simultaneously, both Purple Rain and Grappler X moved, resulting in J-Man coming down on R-Haz with the elbowdrop. Purple Rain, then Grappler X piled on top for the pin to become new champions.

2. Randy Walker beat Cade Cassidy after the Vertical Limit Frog Splash.
-Jonny Puma came to ringside with Walker. At one point, with Cassidy outside the ring, Puma attacked Cassidy while Walker distracted the referee.

3. Benjamin Smythe beat J.P. Hawke with a rolling reverse cradle.
-The newest member of Team Cooper, Brandon Thurston, assisted Smythe in his victory and attacked Hawke following the match.

4. Dre Gibson beat “The Blade” Lance Steel after the Death Valley Driver.
-Dre Gibson won yet another battle of powerhouses, defeating Lance Steel. Although littered with interference from Gibson’s manager, Clayton T. McAllister, Gibson impressively picked Steel up and drilled him with the Death Valley Driver for the victory.

5. Chris Cooper beat Johnny Adams* with the Flashover.
-ESW Commissioner Dan Murphy introduced Adams to the ESW crowd. Chris Cooper then came out and told Adams that if he wants to be in ESW, “you have to get through me.” After Cooper won, he locked Adams in the ankle lock, which brought out ESW Heavyweight Champion Mastiff to run-in for the save, dumping Cooper over the top.

6. ESW Hardcore Title / Gratwick Deathmatch: TSK beat Omen to retain the title.
-After yet another brutal match between these two, TSK gave Omen a vicious piledriver, making it appear this will not be the last time Omen and TSK do battle.

7. Jonny Puma beat Damien Alexander after the Jonny on the Spot on a chair.
-On an event where Puma’s bodyguard Ice was suspended and banned from even attending, Randy Walker made a cellular phone call to Ice while at ringside. Commissioner Dan Murphy attempted to restore order, but could not against three men. Ice came out from the back door and assisted Puma in his win, the match ended with Puma hitting the Jonny on the Spot on a chair while Walker came off the top-rope with a flying forearm, only after Alexander was attacked with the chair.

8. ESW Interstate Title: Danny Magic beat Shade by disqualification for Shade to retain the title.
-After Shade was disqualified for using a foreign object, Magic demanded an immediate rematch, which Shade answered by misting him in the face.

9. ESW Heavyweight Title: Mastiff beat Sakura by submission with the Sharpshooter.
-After Mastiff retained the title, Chris Cooper came to the ring. Team Cooper members, Benjamin Smythe and Brandon Thurston came out to distracted Mastiff, but were foiled, with Smythe getting hit with a German suplex from the champion. Cooper and Mastiff then viciously attacked each other in a wild pull-apart brawl to end the show. Soon after the show ended, it was officially signed by Commissioner Dan Murphy that Mastiff will defend his title against Cooper at Anarchy.

ESW Anarchy
April 17th, 2004 from St. Johnsburg Fire Hall in Wheatfield, NY

-Team Cooper, led by Chris Cooper hosted “Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper,” promising to win the ESW Heavyweight Title from Mastiff in the main event. Mastiff ran-in chasing Team Cooper out of the ring and destroyed the “Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper” set. Mastiff ran down Cooper and said he would give Cooper a “congradulatory ass-whipping” later in the night.

1. “Nightmare” Dre Gibson & Sakura beat Scott & Steve Davidson when Sakura pinned Scott Davidson after a Samoan drop-flying somersault neckbreaker combination.
-Clayton T. McAllister came out, insulted the Davidsons, then introduced Sakura and Gibson. The Davidson brothers were well-received in their return, had a good showing, but could overcome the first tag team combination of Sakura and Dre Gibson.

2. Omen beat J.P. Hawke after a tornado DDT.
-Following the match, Hawke was clearly very frustrated with his loss and shoved a referee before leaving the ring.

3. ESW Tag Team Title: Purple Rain & Grappler X beat the New City Thugs (J-Man & R-Haz) by disqualification to retain the title.
-The Thugs were disqualified when R-Haz gave Grappler X a swanton bomb with a chair laid over top of him.

-Randy Walker, Ice and Jonny Puma, now collectively known as “Club Elite,” came out for an interview. They called out Johnny Adams. Since Club Elite had no problems with Adams, Puma offered Adams to join Club Elite. Adams refused, which resulted in a brawl taking place. Adams held his own until a cheap shot from Puma, but Damien Alexander and Cade Cassidy ran down to even the score.

4. “Dangerboy” Derek Wylde beat “Completely” Cody Steele with an inside cradle.
-The second meeting between Wylde and Steele in ESW was another tremendously exciting match, featuring both going for enormous high-risk moves. With his win, Wylde earned a spot in the Ballpark Brawl Tournament.

5. ESW Hardcore Title: Crazy Cris Cavana beat TSK after the Straight Jacket to become new champion.
-After his long reign as ESW Hardcore Champion came to an end, “The Emperor of Extreme” TSK took his anger out on his court jester, Edgar. Cavana made the save, allowing Edgar to even get a few stomps in on his now seemingly former master.

6. Randy Walker, Ice & Jonny Puma beat Cade Cassidy, “Inferno” Johnny Adams & Damien Alexander when Walker pinned Adams.
-Mid-way through the match, Cassidy reached out from the apron to get the tag from Adams, but pulled his hand away and walked out on his team.

7. ESW Interstate Title / No-DQ: Shade beat Danny Magic after a moonsault with a chair to retain the title.
-Magic took the microphone before the match and announced the match would have no disqualifications.

-Cody Steele came out and took the microphone. He said he was better than all the fans in attendance, better than his opponent tonight, Derek Wylde and better than everyone in the ESW locker room. And to prove it, he said he would become ESW Heavyweight Champion by beating the winner of Cooper vs. Mastiff for the ESW Heavyweight Title at May-hem 2004 on May 15th.

8. ESW Heavyweight Title: Mastiff beat Chris Cooper after the Crude Awakening to retain the title.
-Before the match started, Team Cooper members, Benjamin Smythe and Brandon Thurston were ejected from ringside. After a close back-and-forth battle, the referee was knocked out of the ring. Mastiff applied the Sharpshooter, to which Cooper tapped out to, but there was no referee to stop the match. Smythe and Thurston then ran down, but both ate suplexes from Mastiff. With Mastiff off-guard, Cooper hit the Flashover. After the referee was rolled by into the ring by Smythe and Thurston, Cooper could only get a two-count. Quickly after that, Mastiff hit the Crude Awakening to retain the title. As the card ended, Mastiff’s next challenger, Cody Steele, looked on from the aisle way.

ESW May-hem
May 15th, 2004 from the Eldredge Bicycle Club in Tonawanda, NY

-ESW Commissioner Dan Murphy came to the ring and introduced ESW Heavyweight Champion Mastiff to start the show. Mastiff said that he would not allow Cody Steele to run-down ESW. This brought out Cody Steele and his valet, Jennifer Blake, who slapped Mastiff in the face. Steele and Mastiff had a stare-down as Steele got out of the ring before it went any further.

1. ESW Tag Team Title #1 Contenders Three-Way Match: Brandon Thurston* & Benjamin Smythe beat Scott & Steve Davidson and the All-Knighters (Joey Knight* & Kevin Grace*) when Thurston pinned Steve Davidson with a school boy roll-up.
-After Thurston pulled the tights for the pin, Chris Cooper met Smythe and Thurston in the aisle way to congradulate them.

2. “Inferno” Johnny Adams beat “Coverboy” Cade Cassidy by countout.
-Cassidy took the microphone, explaining why he is a “sixth-generation superstar.” The match ended when Cassidy walked out, allowing himself to be counted out.

3. Omen beat A.C. O’Reily* after the Last Goodbye.
-This was A.C. O’Reily’s debut match.

4. “Dangerboy” Derek Wylde beat Randy Walker after the Inside-Out Bomb.
-Ice accompanied Walker to the ring for this match, but neither Ice nor Walker would be allowed at ringside with Jonny Puma when he faced Damien Alexander.

5. ESW Tag Team Title: Dre Gibson & Sakura beat Purple Rain & Grappler X to become new champions.
-Dre Gibson and Sakura will defend their titles Brandon Thurston & Benjamin Smythe at ESW Unsanctioned.

6. No-DQ Match: Jonny Puma beat Damien Alexander by pinfall.
-Puma received a terrible beating, only winning when a huge unknown wrestler came to the ring and chokeslammed Alexander. Puma bled profusely, receiving 14 stitches in the hospital that night.

7. ESW Interstate Title: Shade beat J-Man with a huracanrana to retain the title.
-After the match, J-Man dragged Shade back through the curtain, only to be misted.

8. Hardcore Handicap Match: Crazy Cris Cavana & Edgar beat TSK when Edgar pinned TSK.
-Edgar pinned TSK after Cavana press slammed Edgar onto the “Emperor of Extreme.”

9. ESW Heavyweight Title: Mastiff beat Cody Steele after the Crude Awakening to retain the title.
-Mastiff had to use the Crude Awakening on Cody Steele twice, after Jennifer Blake distracted the referee as Mastiff went for the pin. Mastiff caught Steele a second time with it for the win.

ESW Unsanctioned
June 19th, 2004 from the Eldredge Bicycle Club in Tonawanda, NY

-After bleeding buckets the month before, Jonny Puma came to the ring to do deliever a heart-felt message to the ESW fans. A hush fell over the crowd, but then Puma flipped back into his usually self and told the fans they were all stupid. Eric Everlast and then Cody Steele came out and a six-man main event between Puma, Steele and Eric Everlast against Damien Alexander, Derek Wylde and Mastiff was setup by Commissioner Dan Murphy.

1. All Knighters (Kevin Grace & Robin Knightwing*) beat New City Thugs (J-Man & R-Haz) when Knightwing pinned J-Man after a combination powerbomb-neckbreaker off the ropes.
-After the match, R-Haz attacked his tag team partner J-Man, giving him his NuDrive finisher.

2. “Mr. 300” J.P. Hawke beat Purple Rain after the Strike.
-Before beating Purple Rain, J.P. Hawke reveiled that on the night of last month’s show, since he wasn’t wrestling, he went bowling. There, he scored a 300.

3. Davidson Brothers (Scott & Steve Davidson) beat Troop Trek (Captain Kipp Maverick& Ensign Brett Mednik).
-Troop Trek made their debut.

4. ESW Hardcore Title Match: Ice beat Crazy Cris Cavana to become new champion.
-After winning with help from Randy Walker and Jonny Puma, Shade came out after the match and ran off all three members of Club Elite.

5. Cade Cassidy beat A.C. O’Reily after the Coverboy Clash.
-Cassidy’s came out with his new personal assistant, Armand. Armand helped Cassidy win the match by hitting O’Reily in the head with his clipboard before Cassidy hit the Coverboy Clash for the pin.

6. ESW Interstate Title Match: Randy Walker beat Shade after the Gory Bomb to become new champion.
-Walker went into the match with a large cast on his hand from a fractured thumb. After Shade was distracted by Ice, Walker drilled Shade with his cast, allowing him to hit the Gory Bomb and capture the ESW Interstate Title. After the match, Crazy Cris Cavana ran-in and chased away Ice and Walker.

7. ESW Tag Team Title Match: Sakura & Ryot beat Benjamin Smythe and Brandon Thurston when Sakura pinned Smythe to retain the title.
-The tag champions up to this point were Sakura and Dre Gibson. Clayton T. McAllister explained that Gibson is now out of the picture and introduced Sakura’s new partner and co-tag team champion, Ryot. Sakura got the pin on Smythe after McAllister interfered.

8. Johnny Adams beat TSK after the Sandstorm.
-After being off of May-hem, Danny Magic returned after this match and ran down Adams and the ESW fans.

9. Cody Steele, Eric Everlast & Jonny Puma beat Damien Alexander, Derek Wylde & Mastiff when Puma pinned Mastiff after the Jonny on the Spot.
-Puma pinned ESW Heavyweight Champion Mastiff to setup an impending title match. Rumor has it that this will lead to ESW Commissioner Dan Murphy signing for an ESW Heavyweight Title match between Mastiff and Puma.

ESW at Niagara Thunder
July 9th & 10th, 2004 from the Summit Park Mall in Niagara Falls, NY

Day 1 – July 9th, 2004
1. Damien Alexander beat Ice after the Cardinal Sin.

2. Non-Title Match: Johnny Adams beat Randy Walker after an F-5.

3. ESW Heavyweight Title: Mastiff beat Grappler X after the Crude Awakening to retain the title.

4. 15-Man Battle Royal: Won by J-Man.
-Ryot was third-to-last to be eliminated.
-Johnny Adams was second-to-last to be eliminated.
-Randy Walker was last to be eliminated.

5. ESW Interstate Title: Randy Walker beat Cade Cassidy after the Gory Bomb to retain the title.

6. J-Man beat Danny Magic after the J-Man Slam.

7. Brandon Thurston beat Johnny Adams after the Wrist-Clutch Exploder.

8. Damien Alexander beat Ryot after the Cardinal Sin.

9. Danny Magic beat Cade Cassidy after the Hat Trick.

10. Benjamin Smythe & Brandon Thurston beat J-Man & Mastiff when Thurston pinned J-Man with a school boy roll-up.

11. Royal Rumble Style Battle Royal for ESW Heavyweight Title: Won by Mastiff after 26 minutes to retain the title.
-Order of entry: (1) Mastiff; (2) J-Man; (3) Ryot; (4) Brett Mednik; (5) Benjamin Smythe; (6) Brandon Thurston; (7) Johnny Adams; (8) Grappler X; (9) Danny Magic; (10) Cade Cassidy; (11) Randy Walker; (12) J.P. Hawke
-Benjamin Smythe was third-to-last to be eliminated.
-Brandon Thurston was second-to-last to be eliminated.
-Randy Walker was last to be eliminated.

Day 2 – July 10th, 2004
1. Niagara Thunder Tag Team Tournament: Grappler X & Danny Magic beat J-Man & Mastiff by DQ when J-Man was disqualified.
-Grappler X & Danny Magic advanced to the semi-finals.

2. Niagara Thunder Tag Team Tournament: Sakura & Ryot beat Kevin Grace & Randy Walker when Ryot pinned Grace after a powerslam.
-Sakura & Ryot advanced to the semi-finals.

3. Niagara Thunder Tag Team Tournament: Benjamin Smythe & Brandon Thurston beat Sakura & Ryot when Smythe submitted Ryot with a crossface chickenwing.
-Benjamin Smythe & Brandon Thurston advanced to the finals.

4. ESW Heavyweight Title: Mastiff beat Ice with the Sharpshooter to retain the title.

5. Niagara Thunder Tag Team Tournament: Flatine & Hobo Jim beat Cade Cassidy & Brett Mednik when Flatline pinned Cassidy with a sunset flip.
-Flatline & Hobo Jim advanced to the semi-finals.

6. J-Man beat Brandon Thurston after the J-Man Slam.

7. Niagara Thunder Tag Team Tournament: Flatline & Hobo Jim beat Grappler X & Danny Magic when Hobo Jim pinned Grappler X.
-Flatline & Hobo Jim advanced to the finals.

8. 15-Man Battle Royal: Won by Cade Cassidy.
-Hobo Jim was third-to-last to be eliminated.
-Benjamin Smythe was second-to-last to be eliminated.
-Brandon Thurston was last to be eliminated.

9. Niagara Thunder Tag Team Tournament Finals: Benjamin Smythe & Brandon Thurston beat Flatline & Hobo Jim when Smythe pinned Hobo Jim after a legdrop to win the tournament.

10. J-Man beat J.P. Hawke after a flying elbow drop.

11. ESW Heavyweight Title: Mastiff beat Kevin Grace after the Crude Awakening to retain the title.

12. Bunkhouse Battle Royal: Won by Kevin Grace.
-Brandon Thurston was third-to-last to be eliminated.
-Ryot was second-to-last to be eliminated.
-Mastiff was last to be eliminated.

ESW Red, White & Bruised
July 24th, 2004 from the Eldredge Bicycle Club in Tonawanda, NY

-The show opened up with a contract signing for Mastiff to defend his ESW Heavyweight Title against number-one contender Jonny Puma on August 21st at Wrestlebash. ESW Commissioner Dan Murphy announced that he will be the special guest referee for the match. Murphy also announced that Mastiff would be facing Cade Cassidy in a non-title match and that in the main event, Jonny Puma would be taking on Purple Rain.

1. “Dangerboy” Derek Wylde beat Benjamin Smythe after the Inside-Out Bomb.

2. The All-Knighters (Robin Knightwing & Kevin Grace) beat Troop Trek (Ensign Brett Mednik & Captain Kipp Maverick) when Knightwing pinned Maverick.

3. “Completely” Cody Steele beat J-Man after the Completely Finished.
-J-Man’s former tag team partner, R-Haz came out and distracted J-Man, allowing Steele to hit the Completely Finished for the win.

4. Mastiff beat Cade Cassidy with the Sharpshooter.

5. R-Haz beat “Inferno” Johnny Adams after Danny Magic struck Adams with fire.
-Danny Magic walked down to the ring, got up on the apron and threw a fireball into the face of Johnny Adams, burning him severly and allowing R-Haz to get the pinfall.

-At intermission, Cody Steele and Derek Wylde agreed to triple threat match of Derek Wylde vs. Cody Steele vs. Jennifer Blake at Wrestlebash.

6. Ice & Randy Walker beat Scott Davidson & Shade when Walker pinned Shade with a school boy pin.
-With Ice on the apron, Shade misted him. Walker then quickly rolled Shade up from behind and put his legs on the middle rope for the three-count. After the match, Scott Davidson took the microphone for Shade and said Shade would face Walker in a hair vs. mask match for Walker’s ESW Interstate Title at Wrestlebash.

7. Damien Alexander beat Eric Everlast by disqualification.
-Everlast was disqualified after throwing the referee out of the ring. He then proceed to chokeslam Alexander through a table. After being helped to his feet, Alexander put out a challenge to Everlast at August 21st’s Wrestlebash in a table match.

8. Mastiff, dressed as Purple Rain beat Jonny Puma after a Crude Awakening and flying headbutt.
-Puma appeared to have the upperhand throughout the match against Purple Rain until Purple Rain began throwing Mastiff-like suplexes. The real Purple Rain came down the aisle, offering Puma a few of his french fries. Meanwhile, the Purple Rain in the ring tore off the mask, revealing Mastiff. He hit the Crude Awakening and followed it up with a diving headbutt to get the three-count on an unsuspecting Jonny Puma.

ESW WrestleBash
August 21st, 2004 from Niagara Falls Catholic High School in Niagara Falls, NY

1. New City Thugs Street Fight: J-Man beat R-Haz after the J-Man Slam.
-Following the match, after a bitter three-month feud, the former tag team partners shook hands.

2. ESW Tag Team Title – Triple Threat Elimination Match: Benjamin Smythe & Brandon Thurston beat Purple Rain & Grappler X and Ryot & Sakura to become new champions.
-Ryot & Sakura were eliminated after Smythe pinned Sakura with a spinning back suplex.
-Purple Rain & Grappler X were eliminated after Chris Cooper ran into the ring, gave Grappler X the Flashover and pulled Thurston ontop for the pin.

-“The Playa’s Club,” featuring J.T. Playa debuted. Playa’s guest was TSK. The no longer “Emperor of Extreme” showed a new attitude. He took the microphone and angerly explained that none of the fans or the wrestlers in the back have ever believed in him. But he has found one man that does believe in him, as he introduced Clayton T. McAllister as his new manager. McAllister came out and called out El Lucho Grande for an impromptu match with TSK.

3. TSK beat El Lucho Grande by submission with the Figure-Three.
-TSK quickly defeated the returning El Lucho Grande, who needed to be carried to the back after the beating.

4. Cody Steele beat Sean Spears after the Completely Finished.
-Steele was originally scheduled to face Derek Wylde. Regretfully, it was impossible for Wylde to make it to the event. In his place, from Buffalo, New York, Sean Spears. Though he was beaten, Spears was impressive in his first match in ESW.

5. Table Match: Damien Alexander beat Eric Everlast after the Cardinal Sin through a table.
-At one point in the match, Everlast was put through a table, falling off the apron, but the referee was knocked down and could not make the call.
-A second table was brought into the match, which Everlast was put through by Alexander with the Cardinal Sin for the victory.

6. ESW Interstate Title – Hair vs. Mask Match: Shade beat Randy Walker after the Mandible-STO.
-The match saw Walker kick out of the first Mandible-STO by Shade; then Shade later kick out after a Gory Bomb by Walker. Walker attempted a Gory Bomb from the top-rope, but Shade was able to flip over on his feet and quickly hit a second Mandible-STO to regain the ESW Interstate Title.
-After the match, Walker tried to escape having his hair cut, but was misted by Shade, who then cut off a great deal of his hair before being rescued by Ice.

7. “Inferno” Johnny Adams beat Danny Magic by disqualification.
-Adams came out wearing a protective mask over half of his face after he was severly burned by a fireball thrown at him by Magic last month.
-This time, Magic used second fireball, accidentally hitting Referee Christopher Burns in the face. This brought out a second official, Chuck Thomasulo to come in a call off the match in favor of Adams.

8. ESW Heavyweight Title Match – Special Referee (Dan Murphy): Jonny Puma beat Mastiff after a Jonny on the Spot off a ladder to become new champion.
-Mastiff and Puma’s heated, intense battle ended in a disqualification when Puma attacked Mastiff with a tire iron, forcing Commissioner Murphy to end the match with Mastiff retaining. Mastiff refused to accept that the biggest match in ESW history end by DQ and demanded the match be restarted with no disqualifications. Murphy obliged and the match was restarted.
– Mastiff pulled a ladder out from under the ring. He gave Puma a vertical suplex on the ladder, which laid against ther ropes. Puma’s body struck the ladder with such force, the middle rope snapped from the buckle. Reminiscent of their match a year before, Puma hit a devestating sunset powerbomb from the apron, putting Mastiff through a table. After slowly coming back, Mastiff countered Puma with the Crude Awakening. Instead of going for the pin, Mastiff elected to risk it all, going for a huge diving headbutt off the top of the ladder. Puma rolled out of the way at the very last moment. Puma followed with a ferocious Jonny on the Spot off the ladder to become new ESW Heavyweight Champion.
-After Puma walked off with the title, Mastiff laid destroyed, now former champion. Commissioner Murphy, staff and referees came to the ring to help Mastiff from the ring, but Mastiff shoved them away, wanting to leave the ring on his own power. Finally on his feet, the ESW fans gave Mastiff a standing ovation, thanking him for an incomparable reign as ESW Heavyweight Champion.

ESW Hardcore Halloween
October 16th, 2004 from St. Johnsburg Fire Hall in Wheatfield, NY

-ESW Commissioner Dan Murphy started the event by introducing the All-Knighters: Kevin Grace and “Sexy Monkey” Robin Knightwing. However, they were interrupted when Club Elite (Randy Walker, Ice and Jonny Puma) stormed out to the ring. Puma said since he’s champion now, they need to get out of “my” ring. Murphy announced that Walker would be facing Kevin Grace, and that Puma would be defending his title against Knightwing in the main event.

1. ESW Tag Team Title Match: Benjamin Smythe & Brandon Thurston beat New City Thugs (J-Man & R-Haz) when Smythe pinned R-Haz to retain the title.
-Smythe and Thurston did their best to wear down J-Man for when he went up against Mastiff and their mentor Chris Cooper later in the night. Cooper interfered in the match, pulling J-Man off the apron and distracting the referee while Thurston could get in the ring and give R-Haz the Suplay, allowing Smythe to make the pin.

2. Damien Alexander beat Armand after a spinning tombstone.
-This match came when Cade Cassidy used his scheduled open challenge. Alexander made his entrance, wearing a Michael Myers costume. Cassidy quickly explained that the open challenge wasn’t for himself, but it was for Armand, leaving Armand to be destroyed by Alexander.

3. Kevin Grace beat Randy Walker after a swinging fireman’s carry bulldog.

4. ESW Hardcore Title Match: Ice beat “Inferno” Johnny Adams after the Frostbite through a table to retain the title.
-Randy Walker attempted to interfere in the match, but was fought off by Adams. However, it allowed Ice enough time to catch Adams off-guard and give him the Frostbite off the second-rope, through a table.

5. #1 Contender’s Match for ESW Heavyweight Title: J-Man beat Mastiff and Chris Cooper when J-Man pinned Mastiff.
-In one of the great matches in ESW history, J-Man was able to hit the J-Driver on Mastiff, then Cooper, falling back on Mastiff for the pinfall. After the match, J-Man and Mastiff shook hands.

6. ESW Interstate Title Match: Shade beat Cody Steele by countout to retain the title.
-Even though she’s engaged to Derek Wylde, Cody Steele announced that Jennifer Blake was still contractually obligated to come out with him and brought her out. The match started as Shade emerged from the crowd, disguised as a scarecrow. Shade would retain his title when Jennifer Blake would not let Steele back in the ring and he was counted out.

7. Eric Everlast beat Sean Spears after a chokeslam.

8. ESW Heavyweight Title Match: Jonny Puma beat “Sexy Monkey” Robin Knightwing after the Jonny on the Spot to retain the title.
-Puma and Knightwing brawled all over the building. When Puma smashed a nearby pumpkin over Knightwing’s head, Commissioner Dan Murphy came to ringside to admonish Puma, but got in the way of a huge plancha from Knightwing. After Puma won, all three members of Club Elite attacked Knightwing, bringing out Kevin Grace, but he was out-numbered. This brought out Puma’s opponent at Pilgrims & Piledrivers, J-Man, who cleaned house on Walker and Ice and left Puma to run away.

ESW Pilgrims & Piledrivers
November 6th, 2004 from Eldredge Bicycle Club in Tonawanda, NY

-Jonny Puma and Randy Walker of Club Elite made their entrance, wearing sweaters and drinking beer, mocking Dan Murphy. Puma was very happy to announce that Commissioner Murphy is taking a leave of absence. He then introduced the new acting ESW commissioner, Clayton T. McAllister. As Clayton’s first order of business, he made a match between R-Haz and TSK.

1. TSK & Ryot beat R-Haz when TSK got the pin.
-This was originally to be a singles match between TSK and R-Haz. But when R-Haz appeared to have the advantage, Clayton ordered the match be a handicap match, bringing out Ryot.

2. Cade Cassidy beat Brett Mednik after a superkick.
-After the match, an ESW security guard appeared to be helping Mednik from the ring, but then attacked him. This brought out “Mr. 300” J.P. Hawke to roll his bowling ball right inbetween Mednik’s legs.

3. ESW Interstate Title: Shade beat “Completely” Cody Steele by pinfall to retain the title.
-Once again, Jennifer Blake attempt to keep Steele from re-entering the ring, almost getting him counted out. Steele came up with handcuffs and handcuffed Jennifer to the ringpost. Sean Spears came down to unlock Jennifer and then drilled Steele in the head with the cuffs, knocking him out cold, allowing Shade to get the pinfall.

4. Randy Walker beat Sean Spears by pinfall.
-This match saw Steele come out to return the favor to Spears, blasting him with a pair of handcuffs, letting Walker get the pin.

5. Benjamin Smythe, Brandon Thurston & Chris Cooper beat “Sexy Monkey” Robin Knightwing, Damien Alexander & Mastiff when Cooper pinned Mastiff with a small package.
-Wrestling Inc. (Smythe, Thurston and Cooper) came out to be interviewed by ESW commentator Captain Dan. They were interrupted by Mastiff, who challenged them to a six-man tag and brought out Damien Alexander and Robin Knightwing.
-Cooper got the pin on Mastiff with a small package as he held the ropes for leaverage.

6. “Inferno” Johnny Adams beat Eric Everlast after the Incinerator.

7. ESW Heavyweight Title: Jonny Puma beat J-Man after the Jonny on the Spot to retain the title.
-J-Man had Puma pinned after executing the J-Driver, but Referee Chuck Thomasulo was down. Randy Walker then got on the apron and nailed J-Man with a chair. With the referee back in the ring, Puma went for the pin, but J-Man somehow kicked out. When it looked like J-Man was about to beat Puma, Clayton T. McAllister came through the kitchen and threw powder in J-Man’s face. Puma quickly hit the Jonny on the Spot and got the pinfall to retain the title.
-Puma and J-Man continued to brawl after the match. Walker came out to help Puma, then R-Haz came down to help J-Man. Eventually, the entire ESW locker room poured out to the ring in a massive brawl. When it looked like J-Man and Puma were separated, they dove back at each other again. With Puma and one-half of the roster finally out of the ring, J-Man even dove over the ropes, taking out a number of wrestlers.

ESW Season’s Beatings
December 4th, 2004 from St. Johnsburg Fire Hall in Wheatfield, NY

-ESW Commissioner Clayton T. McAllister came to the ring with his bodyguards TSK and Ryot. He announced that everyone would be barred from ringside for the main event when Puma defended the ESW Heavyweight Title against J-Man.

1. ESW Tag Team Title: Benjamin Smythe & Brandon Thurston beat the All-Knighters (“Sexy Monkey” Robin Knightwing & Kevin Grace) when Smythe pinned Knightwing to retain the title.
-Smythe hit Knightwing with a title belt as the referee was distracted for the win.

2. Randy Walker beat R-Haz by pinfall.

3. Handicap Match: Damien Alexander beat Ryot & TSK when Alexander pinned TSK after the Cardinal Sin.

4. ESW Interstate Title & ESW Hardcore Title Match: Shade beat Ice to win the ESW Hardcore Title and retain the ESW Interstate Title.

5. Shawn Spears & Mastiff beat Cody Steele & Chris Cooper when Steele was disqualified for hitting Spears with handcuffs.
-Initially, Spears challenged Steele to a singles match. However, Steele, straight from a WWE dark match and appearance on WWE Smackdown, claimed he was too big a star to give Spears a one-on-one match. Instead a tag match was made, with Steele bringing out Cooper and Spears countering by bringing out Mastiff.
-As the match ended, Mastiff and Cooper brawled out of the building and through the parking lot outside.
-After the match, Spears and Cody Steele agreed to a no-DQ match at next month’s ESW Revolution.

6. Cade Cassidy beat “Inferno” Johnny Adams with a school boy roll-up.
-Cassidy got the win, using his feet for leverage on a school boy, after his personal assistant, Armand slammed his clipboard over Adams’s head.
-After the match, as Cassidy and Armand continued to attack Adams in the ring, Brett Mednik (who Cassidy cheated to be the month before) ran down to the ring to make the save.

7. ESW Heavyweight Title: Jonny Puma beat J-Man after the Jonny on the Spot on a chair to retain the title.
-With all wrestlers barred from ringside, to be certain the match came to a full conclusion, the referee was instructed to avoid calling for a disqualification. As a result, the match turned into an intense brawl, involving chairs, the ESW Heavyweight Title belt and even a Christmas tree.
-After Puma retained and the match was over, fellow Club Elite members Randy Walker and Ice rushed to the ring to help beat down J-Man. Once again, J-Man’s many friends in the locker room ran through the curtain. However, this time, Walker and Ice guarded the ring, swinging chairs, as Puma continued to attack J-Man. Club Elite could not fight off Damien Alexander, though, as he charged in the ring, leaving all three members of Club Elite to run off. As Walker, Ice and Puma retreated to the aisle, Alexander picked up Puma’s belt and threw it at him.